ORPHAN (2009) Ending Explained

04 Th04, 2021
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In Orphan, after suffering a loss a couple decides to adopt a daughter - the seemingly innocent Esther. But it soon becomes clear as troubling dangerous events start occurring, Esther harbors a dark secret. We're breaking down the story, including just what is wrong with Esther, also with more backstory cut from the film, explaining the ending, and looking at what we know about the upcoming prequel Orphan: First Kill.
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  • Damn I noticed You Haven't Done Cabin Fever yet. Does It just not fit The Criteria or Some Sht?

    Wolf Tha SavageWolf Tha Savage20 giờ trước
  • That backstory......man.

    Electronic CorgiElectronic Corgi21 giờ trước
  • Thank you I love your videos!!

    ana anaana ana21 giờ trước
  • Probably the wrong video to comment on but an ending explained on the orphanage from 2007 would be sweet

    Brandon ChaplinBrandon ChaplinNgày trước
  • Tbh they was just asking to get killed the people who was being mean, but I love this movie

    Itz JamilahItz Jamilah2 ngày trước
  • I only have one gripe, the pigeon scene. I wouldn't call her behavior the behavior of a serial killer. Definitely cold, and way too dead pan for a child. But an adult would likely have killed it as well. If anything the son's kinda more sick then she is. He shot a pigeon with a pain ball gun. That things ribs would have likely been shattered. Death would have been the only alternative for it.

    Dalo DuloDalo Dulo2 ngày trước
  • If you get kicked in the head hard enough that your neck bends past 90º in the wrong direction and you sink into a frozen lake ... chances are you aren't making it to a sequel.

    Baggy TrousersBaggy Trousers2 ngày trước
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    Alexsa SterliniAlexsa Sterlini2 ngày trước
  • Wait......did the son actually die?

    Rashida WilliamsRashida Williams3 ngày trước
  • This whole movie wants to make me go 😒 cool

    Lorii EnfinityLorii Enfinity3 ngày trước
  • Fun fact about this movie: it’s loosely based on a true story!

    Autumns Seasonal LoveAutumns Seasonal Love3 ngày trước
  • 25:20 DUMBASS u really think carrying her would stop murder 🤦‍♂ just cuz she's tiny doesn't mean she can't do good, even if he did harry her she could still be able to stab him since she has a knife, and it would be so hard to make away the knife from her since she would he waving it around LOL also she didn't die x she was still alive and got arrested once she got out the ice water they just cut off the scene

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy3 ngày trước
  • John was just so annoying

    Lessa ManzambiLessa Manzambi3 ngày trước
  • I totally forgot about this movie I watched it as a kid and I didn’t even remember the horror aspect. I still remember the sign language the orphanage and the idea of a plant feeding off of a grave to indicate the health of their spirit.

    J LandJ Land3 ngày trước
  • John: gets killed thankfully nothing of value was lost that time

    Inunexceptable conditionInunexceptable condition4 ngày trước
  • This little girl is Azula in a modern setting 😂

    JustinJustin4 ngày trước
    • No.. no.nonooooooooooo

      Mr. OddMr. Odd4 ngày trước
  • She obviously died at the end. That kick in the face/head broke her neck. Her body still has the same durability of a child's body. If you kick a kid like that, it ain't waking up.

    Luis Octávio S.S.Luis Octávio S.S.5 ngày trước
  • Esther's backstory is really deep and messed up, her being molested as a child to the point where she is sterile, her not losing her lover because of her father, then she became a prostitute for clients that were looking for children, then she goes back to looking for love in the only place she thought she had it, her fathers. It's really sad and sheds light on how lack of affection shapes people while also incorporating a common serial killer backstory in the real world.

    CerebrxllCerebrxll5 ngày trước
  • Ending explain The Ruins!

    rayzillarayzilla5 ngày trước
  • Technoblade is shaking rn

    m em e5 ngày trước
  • One of my favourite films as kid. Dad looks baked in every scene.

    Lie1295Lie12956 ngày trước
  • Everytime I wanted to watch a movie but too lazy to sit around for 2 hours I watch your video bc you sum everything up lmaoo

    Karen LucindaKaren Lucinda6 ngày trước
  • Who you gonna call? Technoblade!

    Ege MavinilEge Mavinil6 ngày trước
  • I love this movie, but at the same time it was stressful

    Juno BoyJuno Boy6 ngày trước
  • ur getting allllllll the details wrong my good sir

    MakalyaMakalya6 ngày trước
    • how

      ok thenok then3 ngày trước
  • wasn't there some similar story like this movie that happened in real life? I can recall her name was Natalie Barnett and there were many claims about her that matched up with this movie

    Nguyễn Bảo KhiêmNguyễn Bảo Khiêm7 ngày trước
  • Isn't this movie literally copied from a real life event where it was on the news like 10 years ago but the girl was from Ukraine and the parents abandoned her thinking she was an older girl who looked super young

    JuneJune7 ngày trước
  • It would have been a much better movie if they actually told the backstory of Esther to make her a sympathetic villain. That would make it a more complex movie. Also at the end, it really sucks they showed her die for sure. Come on now, this had a huge potential for sequels.

    Efe AydalEfe Aydal8 ngày trước
    • @Cerebrxll You sympathized with her? I was waiting for Esther to kill her the entire movie lol

      Indigo BlueIndigo BlueNgày trước
    • They made us sympathize with Kate way too much, it wouldn't be a good payoff if she didn't kill her.

      CerebrxllCerebrxll5 ngày trước
    • Lol yeah, now all they can do is make a prequel lol

      Epicwinner 62Epicwinner 625 ngày trước
  • the fact this is based on a true story

  • Did the son actually die or did the doctors manage to save him?

    bagycoolbagycool9 ngày trước
  • The dad was so stupid in this movie why would Esther even want a guy like him

    Ayano AishiAyano Aishi9 ngày trước
  • Russian chicks.

    Bob JonesBob Jones9 ngày trước
  • Human females did not evolved to give birth pass 30, that's just our biology and is why historically women marry at a very young age. Your chances of birth defects increases dramatically at that age, even with modern hospitals.

    Bob JonesBob Jones9 ngày trước
  • Comment section: John is a fucking idiot Me: All and All a great movie 😌

    Jared GibsonJared Gibson9 ngày trước

    hanatahanata9 ngày trước
  • Such a good movie

    FuturecultleaderFuturecultleader9 ngày trước
  • I honestly feel so bad for Esther.

    luckozumeluckozume10 ngày trước
  • Well they could do a sequel because there is an alternate ending where Esther is taken by police... Soooooo still a possibility

    Tiffy MayTiffy May10 ngày trước
  • About the dad. I don't think people give him credit, I don't think he's as naïve as people make him out to be. He's not watching the movie remember, the only bad things about Esther that he knows of are things people have told him. And there are some things in the film I think were implied but not fully explained. It looked like the mother was responsible for her daughter being still born due to her drinking while pregnant, and that only the son was the dad's child and Max was not his biological daughter, just the same as Esther so he has no reason to love or trust her any more. So he doesn't trust his wife fully as she's let him down so many times in the past, and the psychiatrist only reinforced this. People again say the psychiatrist was easily fooled, but Esther has outwitted actual criminal psych hospital staff in the past, so some child psychologist wouldn't really be a problem.

    Sun TzuSun Tzu10 ngày trước
  • I just couldn't help but be on Esther's side the whole film. She was just so good at what she did. She really played everything perfectly in a really believable way, like everything was meticulously planed and didn't just fall into place for the sake of the story. Just couldn't help but respect her craft, she played the game and won, I feel like she was just cheated at the end.

    Sun TzuSun Tzu10 ngày trước
    • @drowsy I think this movie is so much deeper than people give it credit for.

      Sun TzuSun Tzu9 ngày trước
    • honestly i agree

      drowsydrowsy10 ngày trước
  • Through isabelle's instagram, I found out that orphan 2 is in the making and she confirmed it. She even posted a photo from the set... Is all true??

    InCrime PodcastInCrime Podcast10 ngày trước
  • Crazy thing is that something like this happened in real life. Look up Natalia Grace.

    Snitch B StudiosSnitch B Studios11 ngày trước
  • Does Rosemary's Baby count as an evil kid flick? I mean it is about a demonic child that ruins a family's life 😂

    Chlo BoChlo Bo11 ngày trước
  • Her backstory was rediculously dark and sad. Jesus. I think i must've blacked that part about her dad out cuz its just needlessly sickening and foul.

    Anjail BakeerAnjail Bakeer11 ngày trước
  • I was probably the only one in the world who was rooting for Esther lol she was a bad bitch

    SpooksSpooks11 ngày trước
  • If the pre and post plot-twist Esther are the same actress I am either getting blind or the make up department is working out of ther minds

    Pietro .CampodonicoPietro .Campodonico11 ngày trước
  • I think the sequel will satisfy us to understand what is it behind all the things Esther has done so far, how and when she put in Saarne Inst. But rather than these questions it might not give the same energy and the shock of plot twist. We’ll see

    Çağatay GökhanÇağatay Gökhan11 ngày trước
  • 1 of the reason why Techno hate orphan

    lucadislucadis11 ngày trước
  • I could not stand the dad in this movie! He was not a good partner at all! He dismissed everything his wife had to say. Talk about not having your wife's back... 😒

    S. R.S. R.12 ngày trước
  • it's always so funny how americans pronounce estonian words lmao "sarn" made me crack up!! great vid!

    miinamiina12 ngày trước
  • actually Estard didn't die she's alive she escaped somehow

    Aleeya JAleeya J12 ngày trước
  • Will there be a 2

    Gethsemani OsunaGethsemani Osuna13 ngày trước
  • Im glad he found that early draft because I wondering where did a child get the knowledge to know what “fuck” is. I wonder if the upcoming prequel will mention this or something of it. It’s a major thing to mention for sure. I was confused for a long time. Thanks bro for sharing.

    Brenden AndersonBrenden Anderson13 ngày trước
  • I watched this movie so many times . 3:06 I didn’t realized she was looking at a pregnant woman that made her loose focus on the road .

    ZuzuspeaksZuzuspeaks13 ngày trước
  • i think brenda deserved it

    HisokaHisoka13 ngày trước
  • God the dad is the absolute worst, it’s like the dads in ghost movies but worse

    Sugarcoated SlaughterhouseSugarcoated Slaughterhouse13 ngày trước
  • @FoundFlix you are very talented in describing a movie, so I've subscribed. FYI i found your channel because Greta T. gave Congressional testimony & someone in the chat noted the Orphan Movie as a comparison of her.💜🙏

    J RJ R13 ngày trước
  • i watched this when i was in 1st grade and I LOVED being like esther, I was wearing a handkerchief that I folded to look like her ribbon, I smiled like her, and I even brought a screwdriver to my freaking school-

    KittenKweenKittenKween14 ngày trước
  • fun fact really really disturbing fact: isabelle fuhrman was 12 when she acted here

    KittenKweenKittenKween14 ngày trước
  • Please do rest stop 2

    Melissa EliasMelissa Elias14 ngày trước
  • Vera Farmiga is so ridiculously underrated...

    Brian BairosBrian Bairos14 ngày trước
  • The most disturbing thing about this movie is that they made an actual child try to seduce a grown man and do all the things she does in this movie. I hope the actress had some sort of therapy for this whole experience.

    Mila CruzMila Cruz14 ngày trước
  • She does have some talent😂😂😂😂😂😂

    harry clayharry clay14 ngày trước
  • He died like he lived,like a chump.That cracked me up

    Sarik SiddiquiSarik Siddiqui14 ngày trước
  • Okay but she broke her fucking arm because she’s just so bitter like man I’m still shivering

    Tired StudentTired Student14 ngày trước
  • I hated the opening segments - during some of the scenes where the movie wanted me to side with Danny and think Esther was creepy, I instead just thought the boy was a snot-nosed asshole and she did what was objectively the right thing to do. She didn't shoot the animal for fun like some psycho, he did. Now he wants it to suffer over his idiocy? Fuck that. What he did was way worse. Then the plot started to unfold and it just sort of felt like overcompensation. Fun movie though, really damn ridiculous.

    HansAlRachidHansAlRachid14 ngày trước
  • i never realized how stupid the dad character was i thought this was just a spooky film growing up lmao

    hero medleyhero medley14 ngày trước
  • Yikes, imagine going around slaughtering families because the father ISN'T a pedo

    Jena CideJena Cide14 ngày trước
  • Seeing child actors do this good a job gives me hope about the child actors in that Last Airbender movie Edit: I mean the movie that shall not be named. There is no movie in Ba Sing Se

    Dr JonesDr Jones14 ngày trước
  • **orphan twerking**

    bxcca bltchbxcca bltch15 ngày trước
    • This is more disturbing knowing the orphan's true intentions in the movie😳

      Alpha VegasAlpha Vegas12 ngày trước
    • This is the most Cursed Shit I've read today

      A Dank MemeA Dank Meme12 ngày trước
  • 5:46 assassin's creed

    Yesh AuditoreYesh Auditore15 ngày trước
  • Esther kinda looks like a child charil d amelio

    kyason kaylorkyason kaylor15 ngày trước
  • Is the therapist character actress Margo Martindale?!

    Nick LlanesNick Llanes15 ngày trước
  • To think this shit was based on a true story shows how fuckee up the world is

    SatrioSazSatrioSaz15 ngày trước
  • This is actually based on a real story! Natalia Grace Barnett was a 33 year old woman from Ukraine that actually posed as a little girl to be adopted by an American family

    Arite PoetzchArite Poetzch15 ngày trước
  • Love this movie though. Makes for a good conversation and what could’ve been or what could’ve happened.

    SoulineSouline15 ngày trước
  • How does this video explain the ENDING of Ophan? I found the movie Ophan in a store. not too far From where I am , and Ophan has cut scenes. And a alternate ending that didn't make it in the film. But they didn't end up using the cut scenes. And that they didn't end up using the alternate ending either. I was definitely Disturbed with the ending they did use. And I have seen the trailer for Ophan 2. and I am looking forward to seeing it. and I am looking forward to watching it

    John SheehanJohn Sheehan15 ngày trước
  • Technoblade will kill that girl

    Eric MacapagalEric Macapagal15 ngày trước
  • Technoblade: I would dropkick an orphan

    sure why notsure why not15 ngày trước
  • If y'all like this film watch " We need to talk about Kevin"

    Memuna EpemoluMemuna Epemolu15 ngày trước
  • Should I buy the movie? I keep seeing this video in my recommendation feed, and I keep seeing the dvd in the half priced bookstore too. Oof.

    徹ミカエリスTōru Mikaerisu徹ミカエリスTōru Mikaerisu16 ngày trước
  • Esther and Luke from better watch out should meet

    okast bloartokast bloart16 ngày trước
  • You need a new title, you didn't explain annything.

    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox ŴøłfæL̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ16 ngày trước
  • The true story this based on is scary and on going .Child adopted overseas claimed to be 9 but was 22.

    Lee ImbaLee Imba16 ngày trước
    • Name?

      rainyrainy14 ngày trước
  • I remember watching this years ago. Really awesome.

    Lyle CenizaLyle Ceniza16 ngày trước
  • The part that scares me the most is that there’s actually a real life story where something like this actually happened.

    Brianna HudsonBrianna Hudson16 ngày trước
  • I used to have such a big crush on Esther I watched this movie like 100 times in grade 6

    valitsaki AVGvalitsaki AVG16 ngày trước
  • I feel like it’s important to mention that Daniel didn’t die in the end.

    George Weber VGeorge Weber V17 ngày trước
  • Dang. I though bullying people about their religion was a boy thing...

    Ephraim the CatechumenEphraim the Catechumen17 ngày trước
  • No the sign of a serial killer would be to injure the pigeon and watch it writhe in pain. The nicest thing to do is kill it.

    Ephraim the CatechumenEphraim the Catechumen17 ngày trước
  • Batman TAS Babydoll anyone?

    ABC 33ABC 3317 ngày trước
  • gaslighting: the movie

    snowpeasnowpea17 ngày trước
  • Tbf would you believe a child had broken her own arm to frame her mum

    overalloverall17 ngày trước
  • im not gonna lie.. kate is one big whole mess she needs to get her crap together & the dad is js an idiot i swear

    mo xomo xo17 ngày trước
  • When I was younger i literally didnt get any of the movie at all. Now im older, guuuurl what fucked up parents huh

    What TypeOfXWhat TypeOfX17 ngày trước
  • He died like he lived, stupid

    What TypeOfXWhat TypeOfX17 ngày trước
  • Gaslighting lesson 101

    What TypeOfXWhat TypeOfX17 ngày trước
  • i watch this movie when i was 10 y/o and it traumatized the shit out me

    kimkim17 ngày trước
  • They dont need to shrink her much she's only 5'3

    Brandonn SalgueroBrandonn Salguero17 ngày trước