HIGH TENSION (2003) Ending Explained

25 Th04, 2021
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In the tense thriller High Tension, a pair of friends go to visit the family farm, and soon find themselves facing off against a relentless brutal killer. Then there's a late twist that completely changes everything about the movie up to that point. We're breaking down the story, including what the twist means, who the killer really is and their motive, as well as explaining the ending.
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  • When I tell you this movie messed me up so bad I literally threw the DVD AWAY!!!

    Nicole LaceyNicole Lacey10 giờ trước
  • *Martyrs*?! I don't know how to feel about that. It was somehow harder to sit through than A Serbian Film, which was still worse.

    OpticalArxenalOpticalArxenal15 giờ trước
  • Ok

    Samuel LingSamuel Ling19 giờ trước
  • Tiny (completely unsolicited) French lesson: ‘Ils’ (aka “them”) is pronounced “eel” ex. ils aiment l'horreur (they love horror)

    Squidney InkSquidney Ink20 giờ trước
  • I remember this when I was young. My God was it scary at the time lol Forgot all about this movie

    YouTubesTheSHISHHYouTubesTheSHISHH20 giờ trước
  • Rip Hendricks

    Longsandwich BLTLongsandwich BLTNgày trước
  • That is some HUGE foreshadowing

    His ShoesHis ShoesNgày trước
  • Man and here I was rooting for Marie because she was one of the few protagonists (or antagonist in this case) who actually made smart decisions throughout the film only to find out she was a killer persona

    Mollie WhiteMollie WhiteNgày trước
  • Can't believe she was a yandere😯

    Dripyspoon YtDripyspoon Yt2 ngày trước
  • Martyrs is so fucking good

    Teddy BearTeddy Bear2 ngày trước
  • Ive never seen a gas station that sells playstation games

    Berzerkus CircusBerzerkus Circus2 ngày trước
  • I'm sure I owned this on dvd as switch blade romance

    Jamie BurnettJamie Burnett2 ngày trước

    J PJ P2 ngày trước
  • Not sure if you'll see this message, but please explain ending for the movie 'The Retreat' from 2020. Thanks!

    Laura KlaineLaura Klaine3 ngày trước
  • Dissociation , transient psychosis , underlying hostility. One repressed female

    kaz kkkaz kk3 ngày trước
  • This was one great movie. I watched it twice. She might have been dissociative. The dissociation makes the rest make sense.

    kaz kkkaz kk3 ngày trước
  • I thought the decapitation using a dresser was a neat and unique idea. I never thought one could be killed that way

    kaz kkkaz kk3 ngày trước
  • not cool cuz the dog died. also why the fuck would you answer a door late at night up close with out your benelli or AR xDDDD. man people gotta learn

    Jo oJo o3 ngày trước
  • I remember this one movie I watched many years ago that had a twist that not only ruined the movie plot-wise, but actually berated me for watching the movie in the first place. It's a British horror movie from 2007, and I could name it, but that would be tantamount to spoiling it, and I don't want to make anyone upset. But the gist of it is that the ending reveals that pretty much nothing of what we saw was real, the main character was the bad guy all along, and then he breaks the fourth wall and goes on a tirade about how people who watch gory horror movies like this one sucks, and he made everything up just so that we'd get what we wanted.

    AnomalyINCAnomalyINC3 ngày trước
  • Bro I dig the haircut!!!

    Mal0Mal04 ngày trước
  • The twist of having an "unreliable narrator" is shitty almost every time. I'm sure there are some movies that does this twist well, but this movie seems like a "GOTCHA!!!" to me. There is no way that you could be sure that Marie was the one telling the story. At also makes so that the whole story could be absolute bogus in the end, making this entire story completely irrelevant with no meaning since it didn't actually happen and was told by an insane person. Here's my revisioning of this movie: "Once upon a time I assassinated the Finnish emperor in the year 2077 and stole the declaration of independence while fighting the spanish inquisition. After that I had sex with 15 women at once while also getting a haircut. But, PLOT TWIST! I never killed the Finnish emperor, it was mecha reptile Donald Trump who did it! And he only had sex with ONE woman at a time! He never stole the declaration of independence. He merely looked at it during his presidency. The spanish inquisition was nowhere to be seen at that time. He actually fought them in the year 1586." Wouldn't this be a great movie? Crazy shit happens but it turns out that it was a half truth and it was all for nothing because half of the stuff never happened.

    Nicklas VEVANicklas VEVA4 ngày trước
  • is it just me or does the dead head look like alex’s head?

    naebeanzzznaebeanzzz4 ngày trước
  • Do it, talk about the french extremity movies. Give us the content

    athena copeathena cope4 ngày trước
  • You can tell this was made in France because the rural family didn’t all have guns ready to deal with the threat.

    The OSBThe OSB4 ngày trước
  • “Stupid rest of the world” the literally 3 countries that use mile instead of kilometers

    UltrasoulviverUltrasoulviver4 ngày trước
  • XD

    Tony BlankTony Blank4 ngày trước
  • “Only 4 more kilometers. But what’s that in miles? Stupid rest of the world!” I cracked up!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Mayara MacielMayara Maciel4 ngày trước
    • 2.5

      Irie IteIrie IteNgày trước
  • Still waiting on Big Chungus Explained

    Rohan NarayananRohan Narayanan5 ngày trước
  • Chris’s getting somelitteral head joke probably one of his personal best. We know how he likes to say random jokes

    Samson PhamSamson Pham5 ngày trước
  • I’m sure you know we’d want a martyrs explained

    Samson PhamSamson Pham5 ngày trước
  • Ending explain The Ruins!

    rayzillarayzilla5 ngày trước
  • I tell about this movie 🍿 and they come back to me like ayooo that shit was good 😂

    Royal DevineRoyal Devine5 ngày trước
  • Hated this movie. What I wanted: Twist where a victim goes into berserker fight mode vs a generic slasher. What I got: Twist where the victim goes into berserker fight mode and IS the generic slasher

    Avalanche 616Avalanche 6166 ngày trước
  • Wait wait what about that part with woman severe head?

    Lost soulLost soul6 ngày trước
  • New cut ?

    Dominick FkjfjfktjttmtmtmmDominick Fkjfjfktjttmtmtmm6 ngày trước
  • Would love you to do an ending explained on the devil’s advocate

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  • Synchronic is such a good movie. Would love to see a breakdown on the movie.

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  • hey have u done an ending explned for "Await for further astructions" sorry for bad spelling lol

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  • Can you please explain the movie "The Possession" Director: Ole Bornedal

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  • Man, I really hope you do a video on The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw

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  • As soon as you said “Can a twist ruin a movie?” I realized I’ve seen this movie on accident and was confused with the twist

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  • Has he ever done an ending explained on the Netflix series DARK?

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  • I saw this as a kid and still think about it sometimes. I had to watch it again to fully get it

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  • Here again to request "Nothing Really Happens." It's experimental sci-fi in the same sense of Primer, but NO ONE ever talks about it. It's the strangest movie I've ever seen, that I think has a real plot? Maybe?

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  • So are you gonna continue covering the gorrilaz story or.....

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  • This is almost the exact same story as Intensity by Dean Koonts. There is another made for TV version you should cover.

    Tonya WoodsTonya Woods7 ngày trước
  • When I found a good horror movie that I don't want to watch it Me: "Foundflix it is"

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    • Amanda the Jedi did a really good video on it

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  • When I was a kid a was confused as fuck and I remember the truck driver getting head from a dead head wasn’t the best time of my life let me tell ya

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  • Damn man, I guess we can't expect new Sunday videos anymore.

    • I’m Gonna miss watching them the night before school

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  • Do it. Make video of these types

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  • I’ve watched this movie like 8 times. Great movie

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  • Please please do things heard and seen!!

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  • Wait.... What happened to THE LITTLE BOY? Did she catch and shoot him???

    Mr Logical MindMr Logical Mind8 ngày trước
    • @SM_T plot twist: The boy is THE REAL KILLER. Hes the only one we DIDNT SEE DIE.

      Mr Logical MindMr Logical Mind7 ngày trước
    • Yes

      SM_TSM_T7 ngày trước
  • Since you did this, would you consider the miniseries/book it was based on, Dean Koontz' Intensity? Much less gory, but the story is almost identical right up to the twist.

    Allie KingsleyAllie Kingsley8 ngày trước
  • the creepy dude was inside the lesbian all along...

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  • Fun fact, the woman that plays Alex was also the blue opera alien in The Fifth Element.

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  • Hey Chris, ( I think that is your name ) I really want to see you in a horror movie. I think you'd be spectacular no matter what role you play

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  • Wait, then who was the killer in the van getting the literal "head"?

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  • I really deeply do not appreciate the insane lesbian villain character of this movie, your review however is really nice. That keeps me from having to watch the movie.

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  • Thanks to You I've watched like 15 movies today 😎

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  • Yanderes in real life be like:

    Herpderp 101Herpderp 1019 ngày trước
  • high tension was the first movie i ever bought with my own money. it was also the first time i remember encountering a bi/lesbian character in, which is not the best representation ; thank goodness it had no impact on my perception of WLW. my favorite scene is when she yanks that pole out of the ground and wraps it in the barbwire. i always described that as "savage".

    Princess Niko BlackwoodPrincess Niko Blackwood9 ngày trước
  • Can’t believe a lot of people haven’t seen this. To busy watching transformers? Lmao

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  • I was too young when I saw this. I was so scared for like a month afterward lol

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  • This was an awesome movie, so good that I even bought the uncut version for DVD. I don’t get why people never liked it, they just labeled it something that it’s not. You can tell behind-the-scenes they absolutely enjoyed making the film and the directors themselves explained the gist of everything and the plot twist. Cool seeing my fav YTber upload about this, it’s really underrated

    7017019 ngày trước

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  • Straight people with gay friends of the same sex. NEVER TRUST IT!

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  • Okay so like knowing the whole twist at the end, what's the beginning scene supposed to symbolise? The one with the driver and the decapitated head?

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  • Mom: “why” Me: yep dis bitch done killed her

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