GHOSTS OF WAR (2020) Ending Explained

06 Th12, 2020
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#ghostsofwar #endingexplained
In Ghosts of War, a group of WWII soldiers are assigned to protect a mysterious mansion, where they encounter a supernatural threat more terrifying than anything they've seen on the battlefield. This has a massive unexpected twist and a crazy abrupt conclusion that will definitely the viewer asking questions. So we're breaking down the story, including the clues to whats really going on as well as explaining the twist and meaning behind the ending.
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  • The burned carpet with the chair was a nice touch

    MellowMadnessRMXMellowMadnessRMX23 giờ trước
  • NO one notices at the end of the movie, when chris woke up and looked to the right , Butchie didn"t show up. and what is meaning of ""Jersey" Rucksack""?

    趙某人趙某人Ngày trước
  • I love this movie, love the plot. They get stronger everytime they go in.

    BoyvenZBoyvenZ2 ngày trước
  • Yeah the u.s. soldiers were there to help and would have been slaughtered had they come out are the bad guys. Not the woman who blew them up or the soldiers who killed children makes a lot of sense.

    SGT. Zachary RothschildSGT. Zachary Rothschild3 ngày trước
  • Could not get past the first fifteen minutes. Wrong guns. They were carrying British Lee Enfields. Substituting tanks I can see but small arms, sloppy.

    AndersonAnderson3 ngày trước
  • The ending was kinda cheap but the movie itself was not ta bad in my opinion

    thesilver jthesilver j4 ngày trước
  • Ive never seen such a great movie

    Obama’s SodaObama’s Soda5 ngày trước
  • This movie SUCKED

    ReplyReply6 ngày trước
  • This was shit

    Dr_DynamoDr_Dynamo7 ngày trước
  • Assassins creed

    Binush SagarBinush Sagar7 ngày trước
  • it would've been better if the movie stayed with it's overall spiritual horror and war (WWII) concept then the ending just went "it's all just a simulation" like what?? they butchered such a potentially good movie from the start.

    *S H O O K T**S H O O K T*8 ngày trước
  • Imagine being cursed for not dying for someone you don’t know😭

    6 ___6 ___10 ngày trước
  • What a Twist!

    Matthew ArensonMatthew Arenson15 ngày trước
  • Why couldnt this video really ONLY be ENDING EXPLAINED?? Nope instead lets go through Everythingggggggg that happens

    Kevin LomaxKevin Lomax16 ngày trước
  • You should change the tone of your voice in your videos.

    Karim SydneyKarim Sydney16 ngày trước
  • Me watching them be overwhelmed by soldiers Looks like a game of COD zombies

    anime watcheranime watcher17 ngày trước
  • Started off brilliantly and midway was good then turned out to be disappointing and very weird.... It's not the 1940s atall. Time and virtual reality are a mind fxxk

    Julz XDJulz XD17 ngày trước
  • the twist ruined the whole movie for me. was cool af up until then.

    ShaboPaasaShaboPaasa17 ngày trước
  • It didn't make any sense for the family to curse the people trying to help them instead of the dudes that came and killed everyone. Also, the plot twist at the end would've been nice but the main character all of a sudden figuring everything's out when he had absolute no idea 5 minutes ago lol, so ridiculous I had to laugh

    That Rad GuyThat Rad Guy18 ngày trước
  • I want to sit and watch a horror movie with this guy he will probably just makes Jokes about it

    ExoticExotic18 ngày trước
  • I finally got it they based it on call of duty zombies and pack a puch

    Katl De la torreKatl De la torre19 ngày trước
  • Okay! I skip this movie.

    Hanim NoorHanim Noor20 ngày trước
  • Dude, why do you have to shout so much?

    M.G. NM.G. N21 ngày trước
  • I like this movie bruh shit dope💯

    Tito ZarateTito Zarate21 ngày trước
  • Lmao even with the weird ending this is such a horrible portrayal of WW2, the combat, the scenario, the uniforms, its all just garbage.

    Oswald Mosley 2Oswald Mosley 222 ngày trước
  • Was here

    Video NomadVideo Nomad23 ngày trước
  • Um. I clicked this to have the ENDING explained. I’m 15 minutes in and dude is literally just retelling the movie 🤦🏻‍♀️ the. whole. movie.

    Cat TranquilloCat Tranquillo24 ngày trước
  • yo! what is a muslim curse

    Mahlaka ShujjatMahlaka Shujjat25 ngày trước
  • Does her curse only work on Non Muslims? Did those bad Muslims get cursed to repeat their horrors? Was her curse power special or can any Muslim curse you?

    Co CharlesCo Charles25 ngày trước
  • why the hell was the cgi so bad like I haven't seen anything this bad in a while

    Fanny SchlörFanny Schlör26 ngày trước
  • Korewa Requiem, da

    WOT NateWOT Nate26 ngày trước
  • Watch this movies last night wasn’t amazing but I enjoyed it. Cast did a nice job to make these relationships believe able but the twist was like omg and then like wtf that’s not right. Good movie but it tried to hard for that twist.

    Dramatic NerdDramatic Nerd28 ngày trước
  • Did nobody catch how the movie made a strange cut from the "Armoire" scene to the "Morse Code" Scene, where everyone had scars in their faces, and Butchie was completely absent? Yeah, cause that scene actually belongs after the German Invasion scene. It feels like they switched that scene by accident in post production without knowing it. Did they not had any test audience for that movie?

    YouPoopYouPoop28 ngày trước
  • i agree if i was missing my jaw i woiuld rather die trouble eating, getting infestions, not beable to talk totally not work it

    Shelli BlossomShelli Blossom29 ngày trước
  • i would like to mention that dude wasnt in the sym because he simply wasnt bothered by the event or hes dead

    Tanner HinzeTanner HinzeTháng trước
  • When i say i loveee this movie 👏🏽 i already knew what was up when they wlkd pass the tuck and the way they slept when they were in the woods. And the actor as kirk 🥵woowee theo is my faveee 👏🏽 and came a long way in acting ❤️

    Valentinesx __Valentinesx __Tháng trước
  • Movie wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the ending for sure

    Terell BlairTerell BlairTháng trước
  • On one hand I liked the little twist in the end but I also feel like it wasn't necessary for some reasons 😕

    Sam SamSam SamTháng trước
  • Historic correction: Hitler wasn't into the occult but Himmler was. So Himmybaby set up his top level SS into occulty ritual stuff.

    Colonel PanicColonel PanicTháng trước
  • So, it's "Saving Ryan's Privates" mixed with "Inglorious Busterds" mixed with "Poltergeist".

    Colonel PanicColonel PanicTháng trước
  • >gives them gold you cant make this shit up

    Cjx0rCjx0rTháng trước
  • honestly I liked the WWII horror part but then it completely fell apart for me when the simulation thing happened

    Andy WuAndy WuTháng trước
  • This movie was trash. 3/10

    Evan ThibodeauxEvan ThibodeauxTháng trước
  • It's an ok movie sorta but little screw ups annoying me especially with military the group talks about the 82nd airborne as if they're not in the 82nd even though they have 82nd patches

  • Epic video! Thank you!!!

    barbedwire412barbedwire412Tháng trước
  • This movie is racist

    Faridahayu IderisFaridahayu IderisTháng trước
  • The story set up had a big potential but they ruined it with a huge plot hole. The women could have just screamed at the soldiers to help, thus exposing them and forcing them to. If she didn't do that because she knew the terrorists overpowered the soldiers and they would have been killed, then why was she mad at them at the end? I think the story would have been better if they were injured in a heroic event and the war trauma was haunting them.

    Uncaged SoulUncaged SoulTháng trước
  • Thought it was ghost of sparta the movie

    Tappy TapTappy TapTháng trước
  • It wasnt so bad

    Hugh JazzHugh JazzTháng trước
  • they could stick to the horror thing not the plot twist sci fi ruin all thing up

    OK kOK kTháng trước
  • I remember a somewhat similar old military ghost movie with this kind of theme... I think it's in world War II version.

    Alenie AsisAlenie AsisTháng trước
  • Are they 101st? Are they 1st ID? Are they 82nd?? Maybe the whooshy air knows

    Starchy DegreeStarchy DegreeTháng trước
  • I think it's possible the idea is to experiment the treatment with the wounded soldiers. They are lab rats to this new treatment that could be of use to any veteran, or any PTSD victim. Since there's nothing better or worse, or so the doctors think, they don't mind trying the treatment with them, see what happens. That's why they didn't know the curse could be inside the virtual reality, or that the treatment could become a deadly nightmare.

    Estacion GeekEstacion GeekTháng trước
  • Me, a former and also lifelong emo kid (internally anyways): *Sees title* that looks a lot like the song...I’m not gonna do it...I won’t....just cause I- AT THE END OF THE WOOORRRRLLDDDD OR THE LAST THING I SEEEEE YOU AAARE NEVER COMING HOME NEVER COMING HOME COUUUULLLDDD IIIIIIIIIIII SHOULD IIIIIIIII???! *crying* And am I the only one who would just be straight up irritated at the ghostly shenanigans so I’d be like “cut the crap y’all, I’m trying to sleep here.” or am I just the freak used to that kind of thing that everybody calls crazy...probably the latter.... Fun fact: that big circle on the floor looks to be a version of a summoning circle and there are many different kinds as well as customized ones used by individual practitioners and they are neutral symbols not evil, the intent of the user is the energy it takes on. ANOTHER FUN FACT: the thing the dude did when his hand was writing as it controlled is called auto-writing and is a lesser known method of spirit communication.

    Lorelei CatherineLorelei CatherineTháng trước
  • “No thanks Billy Zane”. Lmao

    Thomas HullThomas HullTháng trước
  • My grand dad was in WWII and i fucking love the shit out of this film

    the last cowboythe last cowboyTháng trước
  • The ending is very very making me mad.Its just end with the Main Character Saying "What do you want?!" WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN AND HOW YOU GONNA BEAT THE GHOST GRRRR

    XxSAGExX OwOXxSAGExX OwOTháng trước
  • Can anyone tell me which guy had the misding jaw?

    noobrussian 13noobrussian 13Tháng trước
  • what is Nightwing and Hawk doing here ?

    Lord TokyLord TokyTháng trước
  • You mean GERMAN occupied France don't you? National socialist German workers party, or nazi for short, was the political party ruling Germany but German soldiers are not nazis and you wouldn't say Democrat occupied syria or republican occupied iraq so don't say nazi occupied France, its ridiculous.

    RazielTheLostRazielTheLostTháng trước
  • The sci-fi twist makes weird sense these guys are basically human guinea pigs test some fucked up medical experiment

    michael langmichael langTháng trước
  • To many topics/objectives trying to be covered in one movie. You want a WW2 horror story? Fine do that! You want to do modern wars? Fine do that! Don't mix and match shit. Would of been great if they just stayed in either era. Could work super easily with ww2 these guys could of just been late attempting to recovering a French family that hid Jews from the nazi's and bam haunting/ a grudge. You want a modern psychological thriller? They are in these machines for recovery purposes after a botched mission and the guilt these guys feel from botching said mission causes these "ghosts" to manifest in the program. Everything is in the modern day, no time jumping stuff. Both would probably be way better movies!

    Joshua LovenJoshua LovenTháng trước
  • My opinion this Movie is like referencing of hell, suffering again and again for your Sin.

    Jun VJun VTháng trước
  • The big plot twist though

    james adamsjames adamsTháng trước
  • Is ther ghosts of war 2??

    Tristan GamingMCTristan GamingMCTháng trước
  • I really wanna finish the movie but damn its new enough to not have ending

    Pain PillsPain PillsTháng trước
  • Really do not understand at the ending.. what is happened actually?

    mcmltrmcmltrTháng trước
  • the ending was such a cliffhanger im having nightmares

    Shadow 635dShadow 635dTháng trước
  • How did the mother come out at the end with the bomb? I thought she was hanged in front of the soldiers

    FastCash223FastCash223Tháng trước
  • And here I was, thinking the movie was actually pretty interesting and good. Until I came to this comment section and now I am starting to have doubts on myself 🤣🤣🤣

    Dann NarutamDann NarutamTháng trước
  • This movie similar to a movie r point 2004

    I RIKII RIKITháng trước
  • Yeah isis is an evil gang they don't value human life

    Jose EscobedoJose EscobedoTháng trước
  • Is that soldier the same actor that played in Band Of Brothers? lol.. @ FoundFlix I watch your vids usually, rather then watching the actual movie. Love the way your able to explain them so I can understand.

    Dylan FryDylan FryTháng trước
  • At first the I did like the movie but once they started to reveal what was going on I just straight up lost interest in the movie what a bs plot

    Clown_killa202Clown_killa202Tháng trước
  • I get the feeling they watched Jacobs ladder and thought it was a cool movie about ghosts and time travel and not one about a dieing man's last thoughts.

    Chu MorganChu MorganTháng trước
  • Jewish revenge film lol. Even supernatural forces think thar nazis are evil. Give me a break

    Bosco PoodaBosco PoodaTháng trước
  • When you accedently get sent to occupy the vril societies occult mansion

    ilove bigbrotherilove bigbrotherTháng trước
  • i remember watching this...the korean version. old movie btw

    Chris hoopaChris hoopaTháng trước
  • this is a good movie

    Joseph StriddenJoseph StriddenTháng trước
  • The macho armenian utrastructurally sniff because thing cytochemically bolt for a dull shingle. domineering, halting mark

    yes yesyes yesTháng trước
  • Just finished this movie 5 minutes ago, looked interesting. Fucking sucked, could’ve been way better

    JDMcNubbensJDMcNubbensTháng trước
  • A small Titans reunion here too! I can’t get over how much Brendan looks like Grant Gustin here 😂

    Erin WErin WTháng trước
  • Afghans speak Farsi/Dari not Arabic. Afghans are further from being Arabic then Americans. Afghans beat the Russians on horseback ending the Cold War for the world, utterly decimated the British to their last man at their best and Alexander the Great had to marry an Afghan girl to save his campaign. Afghans deserve the highest respect.

    AriSimoAriSimo2 tháng trước
  • thesame as overload.

    Badzmaru YT channelBadzmaru YT channel2 tháng trước
  • "With no lower jaw would you even want to live" -Darth Malak has entered the chat.

    Darkness ApproachingDarkness Approaching2 tháng trước

    Tokinada TsunayashiroTokinada Tsunayashiro2 tháng trước
  • Should of just made a Nacht Der Toten movie

    MIA SpartanMIA Spartan2 tháng trước
  • Well, I'm just glad we got a horror movie that is totally different than the usual horror flicks we get today.

    lilchadaldrichlilchadaldrich2 tháng trước
  • I chuckled hearing "Eugene" while watching this because I watched a birdman video before......... but now I cant stop thinking "THEY PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE!!!" and "why are we still here?" after seeing that ending.

    Daniel J-M.Daniel J-M.2 tháng trước
  • Interesting

    L.A. EmertL.A. Emert2 tháng trước
  • The plot of this movie reminds me of a teacher who told my class never to write a story with many wondrous twists and turns and then end it with: " And then I woke up".

    Sari JSari J2 tháng trước
  • Nice vids

    Jonathan WhiteJonathan White2 tháng trước
  • i read the ghosts of war books as a kid!! but it was the ones about kids helping ghost soldiers rest in peace

    Toriwitha BToriwitha B2 tháng trước
  • I feel like they should have just kept it a WW2 ghost story instead of trying to merge _three_ genres. That itself is an interesting and original enough premise. Then you really work on the story instead of trying to have all these hints and stuff that made it all creaky.

    valarvalar2 tháng trước
  • nazis are bad its ok to kill them until you understand that most nazi soldiers in france are actaully prisoners from war or people who choose to join the nazi army so theyre familys arent killed

    kiko gamer1kiko gamer12 tháng trước
  • You can't fool me. I've seen Demon Knight. This is all an elaborate hoax to get the Key. I'm on to you Movie. Best part for me though is seeing Billy Zane. I love him. *Small edit to fix spelling

    KissOfEmberKissOfEmber2 tháng trước

    jordan hicksjordan hicks2 tháng trước
  • A pretty cool movie

    Akram GimminiAkram Gimmini2 tháng trước
  • Playing dead is a war crime

    Daniel SharpDaniel Sharp2 tháng trước
  • Its not a horror movie, but id really enjoy to see you review a movie called Higher Power. Its weird but i think its your kinda weird. Idk, just somethin to think about