ANTEBELLUM (2020) Ending Explained

10 Th10, 2020
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#antebellum #endingexplained
In Antebellum, successful author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality that forces her to confront the past, present and future, before it's too late. We're breaking down the film's story, including Veronica's character arc at the film's core, as well as explaining the twist ending.
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  • This is a good movie .

    Vanessa LolVanessa Lol4 giờ trước
  • I like the idea of the twist it just doesn't make any damn sense. 1. Public park 2. Lots of people involved 3. It's a fucking senator Not one person noticed that something fishy was going on? Not one person let it slip that black people were actually being kidnapped and enslaved? Not one detective or private investigator for all those missing black people couldn't trace them there? It's not like they were mastermind human trafficking. They just pick public figures up in public places in front of their friends. If they were scooping up homeless people off the street and smuggling them to some nowhere place and had no name people running the show it would make more sense. But that's not what the movie did...

    SoulDevouredSoulDevoured5 giờ trước
  • This is actually happening. It's a true story. This is not just a script.

    Francis GachinaFrancis GachinaNgày trước
  • please add captions :(

    NicoNico3 ngày trước
  • I liked this movie besides the psychological trauma. Under the right hands it could've been a Classic. Janelle is soo talented and gorgeous btw🔥

    K. NK. N4 ngày trước
  • I found this movie to be pretty darn good. It’s a message if you ask me. Well I can imagine why you criticize it..

    Maria DuarteMaria Duarte5 ngày trước
  • People who debate the believability of fictional movies are pretty lame, guys. That's like suddenly disliking the Pet Sematary novel because there isn't a real place I can go bury dead things so they'll come back possesed. People are wierd I swear. 😂😂😂

    MJP The TruckerMJP The Trucker10 ngày trước
  • Lol Seriously this is scary it’s probably a bad movie but this explanation scared me.

    Adebola OniAdebola Oni11 ngày trước
  • Movies as in everything in life are relative. If you tell me this is an amazing movie from the producers of Get Out and Us, I'll think this movie was a big letdown. Since I just watched this on HULU and I was comparing it to all the other HULU, NetFlix movies, I thought this movie was great. It's well above average from the mass of online movies.

    Paul CoboPaul Cobo11 ngày trước
  • Sorry. But it was shit.

    Adam EvansAdam Evans13 ngày trước
  • as a white girl , all I can say is BLACK LIVES MATTER! 😊 America is the most racist continent.... greetings from Europe - Serbia❤ movie is 10/10 for me

    unknown 23unknown 2314 ngày trước
  • I actually like the concept they were trying to go for in the movie. It made sense to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ imagine getting kidnapped and put into a Reenactment of a plantation. But they really turn you into a slave. My only thing is the dialect was boring.

  • It sounded pretty cool! Subverting expectations that's nice! I don't really get why people didn't like it

    Jose A NietoJose A Nieto14 ngày trước
  • This movie wasn't all that bad. I don't see why people are upset it wasn't gory and scary. There are such things as thrillers people! 😂 But also I think it's pretty horrifying that because she didn't time travel or share thoughts with her ancestor, but was kidnapped at taken to a place that existed in real time that something like this could actually exist. And I liked how her name was Eden and throughout the movie she stood out like the garden of Eden, with her clothing and everything. So the movie was great. Loved it!

    Jaiden TravickJaiden Travick14 ngày trước
  • Another Willage.

    Caprice OCaprice O18 ngày trước
  • i love seeing janelle do everything i want to lol

    eacarriereeacarriere18 ngày trước
  • It was like the movie the village but worse.

    Lucius PlLucius Pl18 ngày trước
  • The fat chick is annoying AF. She's the Jar Jar Binks of this movie.

    ShogunfoxShogunfox19 ngày trước
  • The beginning of the movie gave away the twist, the run away slave had a tattoo. The movie was let down because no one said the n word(I'm black) once, it's too unrealistic to me. It made the movie SJW crap/pc to me. The lack of n word made the whole slavery thing silly to me. You can beat, rape, and kill but better not call them the n word? Um ok , weak sauce.

    DarkOniFlamesDarkOniFlames19 ngày trước
  • wow. I am so surprised by the "meh" reviews on Antebellum! I was totally amazed and thought it was a really good movie. The ending is supposed to be surprising because there really ARE racist white people in power in the USA, and there ARE people who probably wish they could do what the bad guys in the movie did. It is saddening and sickening. And they didn't use the "N" word once in this movie. Anyone notice?

    Elise BadgerElise Badger20 ngày trước
    • Yes, and it made the movie too fake and movie for me. I'm black and have seen whites call each other n word ,but racists role playing wouldn't? Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DarkOniFlamesDarkOniFlames19 ngày trước
  • They should've gave it a Wayward Pines twist.

    Avery BallardAvery Ballard20 ngày trước
  • I’m unfortunately not surprised in the slightest that he deemed this movie disappointing, and didn’t like that the twist wasn’t time travel. Lemme guess, “do the right thing” was also disappointing, wasn’t it?

    alainabrangmanalainabrangman20 ngày trước
  • ...So yeah, I think life experiences and identities will play a major part in how people interpret the film. I personally loved it, but then again, me and the reviewer have nothing in common- experience wise. Analysing outfit changes rather than the abuse and racism themes is a major yikes. But like I said, it just goes to show how experience plays a part in what you find meaningful or relative.

    AsiaPersuasiaAsiaPersuasia21 ngày trước
  • Oh fuck....okay yeah this movie was definitely not done right if this is what they were going for. I had been wanting to see this movie for a while. I watched it last night and was interrupted by a family member . I just tried to watch it again today and paused it where the cell phones came into place cause I'm like wait a minute. This movie would have been 100 times better if done right. After this explanation I understand now but damn, this movie could have really been good

    Nita LinNita Lin22 ngày trước
  • Of course the white person says some batshit about a movie with black people in it

    If Winx club was a animeIf Winx club was a anime25 ngày trước
    • I'm black and the film makes no sense at all. How the fudge did they kidnap a bunch of people for their little LARPing fantasy to make more authentic and not have families wondering where their relatives are? Why didn't none of these modern day black people not fight back? Why go along? They out number those psychos. This movie was just bull in how easily people were easily kidnaped and held prisoner in a public Civil War reenactment park.

      Thief Rikku0306Thief Rikku030620 ngày trước
  • ~ I found it enjoyable and interesting and yes obviously sad as we know people are still trafficked/enslaved/abused today. As for the "twist" the clues were plentiful. I am not surprised by all the negativity it's a rough subject ~ I always thought the reenactments were pretty selective and odd...small piece of the monstrous picture!!

    KceeKitKceeKit25 ngày trước
  • I would say this about the film jealousy is a bitch against black people

    Melissa Le'onMelissa Le'on26 ngày trước
  • In my opinion this was just a torture porn movie featuring only black people - specifically women, with some half-hearted, surface level "woke" message thrown in.

    dealneildealneil26 ngày trước
  • It’s a black thing bruh, you wouldn’t understand

    SlaplordSlaplord26 ngày trước
    • @Thief Rikku0306 no, you just dont get it LOL WHITE PEOPLE HATE MOVIES THAT SHOW WHO THEY REALLY ARE

      SlaplordSlaplord20 ngày trước
    • No, no it's not. Stop trying to defend such a terrible film.

      Thief Rikku0306Thief Rikku030620 ngày trước
  • how....did this get made

    Raevin LarueRaevin Larue27 ngày trước
  • I was looking for a breakdown of this movie without having to watch it and you totally nailed it. The ideals of the people re-enacting slavery are not out dated as much as they are actually insane. The people who carried out such things are psychopaths. The butterflies are representative to DNA memory or epigenetic’s. Epigenetic’s is how trauma is passed through DNA to future generations. The monarch butterfly and deer have embedded things like how to get to the stream of water where to go to survive and build cocoons in their DNA memory. The trauma of slavery lives in black peoples DNA memory.

    DojshayDojshay27 ngày trước
  • I definitely wasn't expecting a play by play of the film. That's what this is.

    Rosalynn M. RiceRosalynn M. Rice27 ngày trước
  • Reading these comments jeez its a fucking psychological horror movie. Do you question the plot holesof horror movies with white teens in the middle of summer camps who get murdered? Yall don't. Atleast not like how people are picking holes here. It was interesting to me. Everything doesn't have to have a message, sometimes things are just there to make you feel uneasy, not to make it into something thought provoking.

    Erykah AdamsErykah Adams28 ngày trước
    • @Erykah Adams Brainwashed? Really? Modern day Black Americans are just going to sit back and let some crazy far right group try to live out the good 'ol days at their expense? Naw it don't work that way and you know it. This wasn't 1860, this was 2020 and you know those people would have kicked those LARPers asses and report them to local authority.

      Thief Rikku0306Thief Rikku030620 ngày trước
    • @Thief Rikku0306 sure they could. Literally the main character did by the end of the movie. But we also see them take extreme measures against people who did try to escape in the beginning. Not to mention thats like asking why didn't the actual slaves rebel and escape. These people were essentially brainwashed into helplessness. Not to mention in the movie the people don't even know where they are or how far from civilization they were.

      Erykah AdamsErykah Adams20 ngày trước
    • How about you are kidnaped by some crazy far right group for their LARPing as Civil War era soliders and civilians and striped of all your freedom and forced to work out in the field as our ancestors did? They aren't far as they are in a Civil War reenactment park. They can fucking escape.

      Thief Rikku0306Thief Rikku030620 ngày trước
  • This movie offends more whyte people than racism

    her sheher she28 ngày trước
  • Good movie!! whyte ppl would never understand

    her sheher she28 ngày trước
  • Who the actual fuck would want to LARP being "SA"d and beaten to death as a slave??? to whoever wrote this junk ending: wtf, dude

    LovebugLovebug28 ngày trước
  • Trash review, this movie was awesome

    makwena letsokomakwena letsoko29 ngày trước
  • I knew something was up the whole time. When they showed that couple trying to run away and the lady had a nose ring. I don't think they had nose rings back in the slavery days, and when they showed that one girls tattoo.

    Kierren MathewsKierren Mathews29 ngày trước
  • Guess I’m the odd man out because I enjoyed it and figured everything out before the ending.

    Josephine BakerJosephine BakerTháng trước
    • When they showed that one girls butterfly tattoo is when I figured it out.

      Kierren MathewsKierren Mathews29 ngày trước
  • I think a lot of people are disappointed that it wasn't a freaky friday. That just means we need more of those.

    Gen Z are immatureGen Z are immatureTháng trước
  • Films like this keep coming out to keep the world racist! Yes it's horrible what happened years and years ago but what good are these films doing these days??

    Imah MenaceImah MenaceTháng trước
    • Because people need to understand, there are plenty of people still living that wouldn't mind that reality

      her sheher she28 ngày trước
  • I loved the twist, I thought it made the horror so much more significant and added prospective. It's easy to imagine someone born into slavery becoming institutionalised and accepting their plight as "normal" but to take someone who has enjoyed the freedoms and rights of a modern civilised world and literally transport them back to that era, would be somehow, at least mentally, even more horrific.

    FazerWizFazerWizTháng trước
  • I liked this movie its really good in my opinion

    Lucas FootLucas FootTháng trước
  • I don't know how the ending was a plot twist, the reanacment part yeah, but for me it was really obvious from the trailer, that the plantation takes place in modern time, with people kiddnaped for it by racist who can't let go.

    MsZeunicornMsZeunicornTháng trước
  • This movie was actually really good ...

    Claud UchihaClaud UchihaTháng trước

    Al HowAl HowTháng trước
    • This was not a black lives matter film

      her sheher she28 ngày trước
  • So it's The Village but using Black pain and misery...

    CannibalHippo / L0B0D14BL0CannibalHippo / L0B0D14BL0Tháng trước
  • This going over your heads.

    MrArtiscoolMrArtiscoolTháng trước
  • So it was civil war reanactment but they were using real people and killing them ?

    Young ReemYoung ReemTháng trước
  • i knew it was a reenactment!!!!!!!

    catastrophecatastropheTháng trước
  • He not explaining the ending. He explains the whole movie🙄

    Irena AudilaIrena AudilaTháng trước
  • What an absolute garbage movie. Would have been better if it was an ancestor/descendant plot, where at night, while Veronica sleeps, instead of dreaming, she switches to her past life. Then upon morning, she wakes up back as Veronica, neither identity has any memory of each other. I dont know if I can explain it any better than that but yeah...the movie we got was just another bullshoot 'wypipo bad then and now' plot. Def didnt help the current situation where MxSxM & fake prgressxves already blame everything on whxte ppl. But then again, media doesnt want humans to unite & be equal. Humans thrive off hate.

    Harley HybridHarley HybridTháng trước
    • Humans can be evil vile creatures, hence slavery

      her sheher she28 ngày trước
  • It’s easy for a white man to say it’s not scary🤦🏽‍♀️

    dezirae chavezdezirae chavezTháng trước
  • so this movie is literally about some racist white politician who has slaves in modern day yikes

    WranglerWranglerTháng trước
  • Movies like this are tired. Only 5% of wealthy Americans owned slaves but Hollywood has people thinking every white person owned slaves. It's tired and rediculous. Divisive is all a movie like this is.

    Todd -Todd -Tháng trước
    • get over it🤷🏾‍♀️

      her sheher she28 ngày trước
  • I actually liked it a little bit, and I think the "role-playing" would have been far more interesting, if used better, than the scyfi idea of traveling to the past, ancestors, or anything else along those lines. The scify is predictable, and maybe not so interesting to me. Forcing people or breaking their spirits to the point they re-enact something like that? that's creepy as hell and not so far from what some people want, making it even scarier. I just wished they had played their timelines better, the connections and the characters as well. I mean, Veronica's character was quite good, but the senators? the daughter's? they were extremely lame. XP

    Estacion GeekEstacion GeekTháng trước
  • I would love for him to explain the ending of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001 Space Odyssey”

    gerniee3gerniee3Tháng trước

    Gorgeous LadyGorgeous LadyTháng trước
  • And the N word wasn't uttered once!? I call bull

    0ld B0y0ld B0yTháng trước
  • This movie would've made a way better show, it felt really rushed.

    0ld B0y0ld B0yTháng trước
  • To me this one was scary in comparison to hereditary man, bored out of my mind with that one. This one was interesting at least

    earanemithearanemithTháng trước
  • “Spine tingly dingly.” - FoundFlix

    Cute Baby BooCute Baby BooTháng trước
  • Hey man I love your channel ❤️ this a scary as movie for a BLACK PERSON PERIOD!!!!! Its some of our biggest fear is to be slaves like our ancestors. I can’t explain to you how scared I am to ride in a Uber now lol 😂

    Robert LeBlancRobert LeBlancTháng trước
  • The ending was so disappointing.

    amazontigeramazontigerTháng trước
  • I actually thought this was a great movie!

    Randle HaggertyRandle HaggertyTháng trước
  • oh my god that's such a neat concept for a movie, that's a great fakeout

    SpectrumTwelveSpectrumTwelveTháng trước
  • I honestly liked this movie mostly because I love random twists. But I feel like half of the movie before she’s kidnapped could have been cut and that time allotted to what happens after she escapes. The movie would have been much better.

    Trystin MichaelTrystin MichaelTháng trước
  • bruh the fucking scene with the guy sending the big black chick a drink could have been turned to such a great scene of somehting bad happening... It almost felt as if something was SUSPOSE to happen.

    BalaambacaBalaambacaTháng trước
  • The beginning shows you what they did and how they treated slaves, the middle shows how that still happens and takes place today, and the end shows how everyone will stay ignorant to the past which makes them over look the present.

    Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
    • @qk1001 You moron. The awareness in my statement is the reason why people’s situation will progress.

      Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
    • the amount of ignorance in your statement is the reason why peoples situation will never change

      qk1001qk1001Tháng trước
  • There’s no fucking way people hate on this movie more than “The Platform” movie. Absolutely horrendous, this movie truly shows how people nowadays don’t take economic and systematic racism seriously.

    Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
  • “It’s just a cosplay and a kidnapping” wow it’s like the message of the movie went completely over so many heads.

    Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
    • @Leila why don’t you explain it then, instead of trying to sound superior for knowing the meaning of the movie 🙄

      fairy kei bearfairy kei bear21 ngày trước
    • @Leila the fact that you dont know what you talking about and pretend that you do is cute.

      Pedro SantosPedro Santos29 ngày trước
    • @Pedro Santos the fact that you don’t know is absolutely terrifying and makes me lose hope for humanity

      LeilaLeila29 ngày trước
    • Elighten us

      Pedro SantosPedro SantosTháng trước
  • Yea, definitely a disappointment. I thought it was going to be teleportation or time travel...I feel like they could have taken out certain parts of her with the friends & added more depth to the story itself. Janelle Monae is awesome acting tho🔥🔥

    The Loc VibesThe Loc Vibes2 tháng trước
  • Like a mix of "Twelve Years A Slave" and "The Village"..

    Anna JohanssonAnna Johansson2 tháng trước
  • Horrible take, I could tell you didn’t watch the movie at all. Probably take notes n shit during the scenes.

    Andres GarciaAndres Garcia2 tháng trước
    • @Andres Garcia one of these idiots actually said to me that well have you ever been a slave you can’t speak on what it was like from experience.... I don’t need to experience being a slave to know that it was horrible terrifying etc.... these clowns got to lo hung up on the fact that the film wasn’t a sifi flick but just plain old horrific racism kidnapping and torture this kind of thing is happening to ppl now it’s called sex trafficking .... 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

      Kamilah BoddieKamilah BoddieTháng trước
    • @Mizako 96 Did you see that plantation house? Yea those types of houses are UP TO THIS DAY. The movie was absolutely incredible and this bum of a VIworldr who poorly analyzed it and uses his profession and platform poorly barely took it seriously. Pathetic

      Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
    • @Mizako 96 The movie was powerful as fuck bro. Eden going through all that abuse just to not say her name up until she was branded. Absolutely powerful story telling

      Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
    • @Mizako 96 The movie was a message, a hint into reality, and it nailed it. However most of you entertainment zombie bums just wanted to see a movie for a movie without looking deeper into it like “Get out” and “Us”.

      Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
    • @Mizako 96 The guy didn’t even try to analyze the movie, he just straight shit talked it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he just skimmed through the video and didn’t watch it. Did you SEE THE INTRO AT ALL? Name another movie who has an insane intro like that other than Django Unchained. Did you see the camera work when she was upside down and how they portrayed both past and present in one scene!? The movie depicted slavery crucially accurate, and also show cased how economic racism and inequality has evolved in today world. The movie was a simple racism back then vs today. Remember the quote in the beginning? That was explained throughout the whole movie. Remember when she was arguing with the white older man on the news? They were showcasing racism in today’s world. The movie not only had amazing imagery and accuracy on the past but the present as well.

      Andres GarciaAndres GarciaTháng trước
  • this movie, despite the bad reviews, seems to be about generational/ancestral trauma and trying to push the idea that because the trauma marginalized people have faced is not resolved, It will continue to show it's face in peoples everyday lives no matter how hard you try and cope with what happened.

    J KesterJ Kester2 tháng trước
  • could've had promise but they really made the big bad guys be civil war re-enactment nerds

    nikko validornikko validor2 tháng trước
  • Lol

    Tyler GibsonTyler Gibson2 tháng trước
  • These whole "white people evil" themes are so off-putting if they don't have significant and meaningful message behind it. Very counter productive. A very stupid movie!

    1godlessmonkey1godlessmonkey2 tháng trước
  • If they did the time travel plot it would’ve been too similar to a book that already exists I think, if you wanna check out the book it’s called Kindred. Do not be mistaken the movie kindred is NOT the same thing. Because I already new about the book I actually really liked the movie, I was glad they didn’t just water down the plot of kindred into a shitty movie version.

    Anessa JonesAnessa Jones2 tháng trước
  • Its making movies like this that screw up the minds of young black males and females reminding them of a past where their race was treated like this It happend along time ago life goes on

    Jake WagnerJake Wagner2 tháng trước
  • This was the worst movie I have ever scene. Poorly written, ridiculous plot, poorly directed, slow as a snail. Top off, mediocre acting. The writer who even thought of this story , obviously is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and has serious beliefs and mental issues.

    John AndrewsJohn Andrews2 tháng trước
  • I have been following you for a while now... Keep up the wonderful reviews love ur show ❤❤❤

    Rachel HyltonRachel Hylton2 tháng trước
  • this movie ending was such a big disappointment. > removed from Seeding.

    CRIMELAB357CRIMELAB3572 tháng trước
  • The modern times was before she was in the compound it was explaining how she got there

    Nicholas McElroyNicholas McElroy2 tháng trước
  • So an unimaginative adaptation of Octavia E. Butler. Ok.

    Louverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du CraneLouverture desprit Nest Pas Une Fracture du Crane2 tháng trước
  • I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of the butterfly

    VerselynxVerselynx2 tháng trước
  • I feel like comparing modern oppression 1:1 to actual historical cases of slavery is very disingenuous to actual victims of slaver (which still exists at higher numbers than ever)

    sethjk8sethjk82 tháng trước
  • Y'all if you want a story based on slavery with time travel read Kindered by Ocatavia Butler. Highly recommend. There's even a graphic novel adaption too.

    Doug DimmadomeDoug Dimmadome2 tháng trước
  • Everyone’s complaining about how it could’ve been something more PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR IS PEELES THING WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT FROM THE MAN A SCI FI MOVIE?

    AerodyteAerodyte2 tháng trước
  • I was expecting this to be like the 2020 South Korean film "Call" like... somehow communicating to the past not... w/e this was.

    Dakuu75Dakuu752 tháng trước
  • What a dumb as hell movie. I mean, at first the setup comes across as sort of pretentious, but as though it could have potential and then the twist is that the movie puts on a dunce hat and farts. This film reminds me of The Orphan, another movie with an out there twist that didn't seem to understand that it's twist only served to undercut its whole concept. Oh well, at least Janelle Monae is a joy to look at.

    HansAlRachidHansAlRachid2 tháng trước
  • I think what's truly scary about that movie is that this could well exist today ... That's what's horrifying

    Anthony DanilovAnthony Danilov2 tháng trước
    • Not really.

      Sam CSam CTháng trước
  • i stopped watching this halfway in, to much of this radical left wing bs.

    jetfoxproductionsjetfoxproductions2 tháng trước
  • I feel like this dude should take a few film courses if hes gonna reveiw. Films. This movie was great. I think your problem is, that you think its a horror movie, when this movie is far more about existential horror, about how our country, still has so many pathetic dumb racists, that something like this could actually happen. It absolutely could. I mean girls have been kidnapped and kept in a single room for years inside. Of a regular neighbor hood. I think you may just have a hard time relating tonthis movies main character and thats why you find it uninteresting. That or maybe you side with the Confederates perhaps

    RAarMasonRAarMason2 tháng trước
  • funny how its always rich people who complain most about how hard it is to be whatever color or gender or whatever they make up mean while the people who have to actually struggle dont have time to complain as they are working to make a better life

    Suzuki SatoruSuzuki Satoru2 tháng trước
  • So kind of like The Village

    Mike WaltersMike Walters2 tháng trước
  • Its was given horror genre and the only thing missing in it was horror

    Pooja SinghPooja Singh2 tháng trước
  • This movie is to SJW-y. I'm surprised the critics didn't give this a 100% like they did Black Panther.

    Teemo ThunderTeemo Thunder2 tháng trước
  • Of course a white man didn't think it was scary. For a black woman in America , with people going missing left and right this is terrifying. Being taken from your family and forced into slavery is my worst nightmare.

    Lois LaneLois Lane2 tháng trước
  • Sjw wet dream

    SamSam2 tháng trước